RIT Computer Science House

CSH is a collection of students interested in creating projects and learning new things. The open and accepting community along with the highly available resources here create a learning environment that is unmatched anywhere else. I have begun working on various personal projects here.

OpenGL/OpenCV Demo

Learned fundamental concepts of OpenGL as part of a 24 hour hackathon.
Uses OpenCV to capture from a webcam and output to a OpenGL texture.
Tracks squares of a certain color using OpenCV and moves OpenGL objects accordingly.
Intended to be a proof of concept for a virtual environment for tabletop games.

Source Code:

Network Intercom System

Allows members to broadcast messages to any speaker system in the house.
Actively expanding project, exploring additional ways to convey messages.
Created in collaboration with Trevor Sherrard.

Source Code:

Project Management System

Custom project management system written in Django.
Used by members of the RIT Computer Science House to record and document projects.

Source Code: