FIRST Robotics

My work as a member of the BVT Team 61 programming division has been some of the most fun high pressure work I've done in my life. There have been moments where I've needed to load code at the last minute, while keeping track of our robots performance, and analyzing the rankings to determine who would make the best alliance partners.

Embedded Java Programming with WPILib

The primary goal of our programming team is to write and maintain the code that operates the robot. Software development as part of a team has been an extremely beneficial learning experience for me. We keep a copy of our code on GitHub so that the entire team can work and collaborate on the code.

2015 Code Repository

Alliance Partner Data Analysis (Scouting)

Scouting is the process of analyzing stats of alliance partners and opposing teams to optimize your teams strategy. In addition, scouting is key during alliance selection in the elimination matches.

During the 2014 competition season and in the post season, I developed various systems for scouting other teams. These systems ranged in complexity from paper sheets and an Excel workbook, to a Android front-end for a SQL database.

In the post-season, I developed 2 networked scouting applications. The first was known as ScoutKit, which was a client server application written in Java with an embedded Derby SQL database. Next was ScoutNet, a web app designed for team of scouters with various types of devices to record entries in a central location.

Android App